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Welcome to the Ofstead & Associates online training portal!

We have a full catalog of free webinars on topics related to endoscope reprocessing and quality management, personal protective equipment, biofilm, scientific thinking, and other important sterile processing and infection prevention topics.

Visit our latest webinar "Ultrasound probes 201: Common sense strategies for ultrasound probe quality management". It describes common sense strategies for identifying issues and improving quality with ultrasound probes.

You might also wish to visit our recent webinar "Beyond endoscopes: Visual inspection of surgical instrument lumens". It describes the value of inspecting lumens of surgical instruments with borescopes.

And, we've added a selection of resources available from Ofstead for free download and curated a selection of external resources you might find of interest.

If you're new to our training portal, below is a brief introduction to the portal: how you create an account, enroll and complete training, and receive CE credit for successfully completing the coursework. Come back often as we're regularly adding new training webinars for credit. Several of our recent webinars are listed below, and a complete list of all our products can be found here.

Latest Additional Resource:

Essential Elements of a reprocessing program for flexible endoscopes. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC): Healthcare facilities should have a reliable, high-quality system for endoscope reprocessing which minimizes infection risks. To achieve this goal, all reprocessing programs must have an infrastructure that supports training and competencies, quality measurement, and management. The following guidance is provided to assist healthcare facilities, including clinical and administrative staff, to achieve a reliable, high-quality reprocessing program. A toolkit of sample documents accompanies this guidance to help facilities create and maintain the infrastructure to support their flexible endoscope reprocessing program.


To create an account, click on the "Create Account" button in the top right-hand corner of any page, then fill out the form and submit. You must be logged out to create a new account. The main menu is on the left side on a desktop computer or on the top righthand of a smaller mobile screen (like a cell phone). To enroll in a webinar, click on "Training Catalog", review available training, then select one or more items to register. You can checkout any time by clicking on "Cart" in the main menu or in the green bar towards the top of the page.


Once enrolled, you view the training webinar at your convenience. You can stop and pause at any time and can continue later. All CE-eligible training is designed to give you the knowledge to complete a Quiz at the end. After completing the Quiz, you'll receive a score and will know if you've passed the exam. After you complete the exam, we ask that you complete the accompanying survey. This will be your chance to grade us and let us know how we've done.


You will be awarded CE credits after successfully completing a short Quiz at the end of any CE-eligible webinar. You’ll be able to print a certificate and your account will record the completion and credits. When logged in, go to "My Dashboard" anytime to view your accomplishments and awarded CE credits. Once more webinars are available, you'll be able to go to "Recommended" to view additional products based on the Interest Categories you select within your "Profile" page.

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